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Capitalize… It's On

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capitalizebuttonThere are no more excuses for us to feel like we can't get a shot in front of Boston's capital community anymore.

We've all been to the lectures on raising capital for your start-up.  We've all heard what VC's and Angels look for in a start-up.  We've all heard the do's and dont's of how you should pitch.  But rather than listening to lectures about all this stuff you are now going to get a shot and experience the process.

Capitalize is an opportunity for Dart community start-ups to pitch VC's and Angels as well as an opportunity for the Dart community to be in the boardroom and see how everything goes down.

On the third Tuesday of every month (for the next three months at least) we will be going to a different VC firm and inviting one of the companies from the Dart community, who thinks they're ready to raise capital, the opportunity to pitch.

The schedule is:

Venrock on November 10
Flybridge Capital Partners on December 15
Bain Capital Ventures on January 19

The experience will be as realistic as possible.  We are going to get as many of you into the VC's boardroom as they can accommodate.  For those who don't get a ticket to the event we will be live streaming the experience so you can participate virtually. After the pitch everyone in the room and those watching the stream can ask questions and get feedback from the VC's.

The tickets for Capitalize are free and will be given away at Pokin' Holes shows.  The only way to get a ticket is to come out to a Pokin' Holes event or watch the live stream and show your support for the community!

Our goal of Capitalize is to create more relationships between the Dart community and the capital community so come out, participate and we can introduce you to more great people that can help make your start-up happen!

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